Huawei launches Mate X in China to start shipping on the 15th of November

The company launched the Huawei today officially released the first of phones collapsible Mate X in the Chinese market, as the company has confirmed to start shipping the phone on the 15th of November next.

Partied Huawei today achieving sales of smart phones will reach 200 million unit market by 2019, and then the company unveiled the phone Mate X which is already available in the lists of Vmall, and Huawei on the internet at the price of $ 2400 or 2150 euros.

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Comes phone Mate X processor Kirin 980 unchanged from the first model of the phone, contrary to some expectations which indicated that the phone applies processor Kirin 990, from the other side of the phone comprises a modem chip Balong 5000 to support communication networks of the fifth generation.

Also the phone comes with the settings a quad for the control of the signing of the Leica, with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh battery, supports fast charging technology of the charger capacity 55W SuperCharge.

Also tend phone Mate X screen flexible with OLED display size of 8 inch, or two of the screens when you fold the phone feature of the first size 6.6-inch HD display 2480 in 1148 Pixel camera, with dimensions of 19.5:9, while the screen comes up the second the size of 6.38 inches dimensions 25:9 also includes the settings of the camera in the right pane. Recall that the phone Mate X applies without the services of Google, so we expect the launch of the phone Mate X to the world market.


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