Huawei know tablet media iPad M5 for sale at a price of 319$!

Revealed Huawei for Device Huawei MediaPad M5 for sale in the United States, the company began offering the tablet device in two different sizes, one with a screen measuring 8.4 inches, and the last protects the screen of 10.8 inches.

Each of the two devices vary up to 1600 × 2500, and it is run both by the Processor of the Kirin 960 SoC with a CPU octa-core CPU which operates at a speed of 2.36 GHz, and processor graphics Mali-G71 MP8 GPU for two big.

Equipped both versions of the iPad air M5 RAM 4 GB, memory internal storage of 128 GB. Andfor those who are looking for additional storage, the device comes languidly microSD with a capacity of 256 GB.

The rear camera on the device is 13 megapixel and includes auto focus to detect phase. There is also a front camera personality accurately 8 megapixel. Equipped the tablet with a fingerprint scan.

Comes style style 8.4 inches with a battery capacity 5100 mAh amp, while the comes version 10.8 inches with a larger battery capacity of up to 7500 Milli-amp.

Device media the iPad M5 from Huawei, available in two-color Gold lead solders, and comes running Android 8.0 Oreo is already installed.

The price of the model with the screen measuring 8.4 inches 319$, while the style of 10.8 inches up to 359 USD.

Vs $ 90 Extra, you can get the MediaPad M5 10.8 Pro, which includes Huawei phone M Pen Stylus and a keyboard. There is also a custom user interface for the desktop with this style.

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