Huawei keeps its stability amid a campaign of American unprecedented

Keep the Chinese giant Huawei at its center arranged as the second largest seller of smart phones in the world for the second consecutive time during the second quarter of this year, in the completion of forms fortified a real challenge with the escalation of the US embargo on the company.

According to data published by foundation Market Research IDC, the Chinese company in the persistence of a second behind Samson Korean on a steady expansion in the Middle East and Africa.

Managed Huawei to gain the confidence of consumers in the region, launching smart phones to carry in her heart from the innovations and advantages exceed their expectations and offers them the appropriate process technologies and the future maintain the highest levels of security and stability.

Represent Huawei rapport smartphone business the fastest growing are the Middle East and Africa, according to the terms of the share of group of Huawei Consumer Business in the market of smart phones in the region of 21.5 percent, sending its position as the second largest company to sell smartphones in the Middle East and Africa.

And brand Huawei ranked 79 globally in the Forbes magazine’s list of top valuable brands around the world, and a bunch of Huawei’s consumer business, thanks to the provided artificial intelligence on smartphones, for shaping the future of smart phones become tools more intelligent in understanding the needs of users and provide the best benefits of staying connected through the network.

Moved Huawei, through large investments in the field of artificial intelligence and commitment to innovation, the field of smart phones to the phones sharp intelligence through the development of components and techniques that undermine governance-backed artificial intelligence is granted to the user experience smarter and faster performance within the safe, very stable for consumers in the region.

Topping the group of Huawei Consumer Business Today’s racing innovations in the smart phone industry, after stepped into ranked sixth in the world in the field of research and development, amounting to spending in this area of about $ 45 million over the last ten years, of which 13.23 million spent during the past year alone.

Ranked sixth in the world in the field of research and development

But the company is facing scrutiny on the very the United States and some of its allies adults on prayer by the Chinese government due to concerns that the Be Beijing used to.

Huawei already prohibited from entering the U.S. market, and is expected to narrow the company’s expansion is getting more and more with relations campaign by Washington to persuade its allies B do the same.

And Australia, New Zealand and Huawei are already building the networks of the fifth generation, as Japan is considering the Prohibition of the purchase of the government to learn from Huawei Technologies.

As I know the vice-president of the European Commission Andrus Ansip days before that giant telecommunications and other Chinese technology companies raise the “risk” to the European Union because of the security risk posed by.

And Thursday confirmed newspaper “Nikkei” economic group “SoftBank” Japanese think of substitution of equipment of network of the fourth generation of Nokia and Ericsson instead of the equipment company “Huawei Technology” of China, according to “Reuters”.

It is considered SoftBank is the third largest telecommunications company in Japan will launch the network equipment by the base of the fifth generation of the mobile phone of the two European suppliers rather than “Huawei”.

Comes Japan’s decision added to the trouble faced by Huawei, which Canadian authorities arrested its director of Finance Ming Wanzhou in recent times have migrated to the United States.

In her turn, when China will stand idly by, and if successful the pressure made by the release of the Ming and Lanzhou on Wednesday on bail on condition not to leave her home, hours after the confirmation of the arrest of a Canadian diplomat earlier in China, which alluded to his violation of laws on non-governmental organizations.

Thursday, Beijing said she’s check with the business man, the Canadian Michael see, who has worked with North Korea, on suspicion that he damaged national security, what exacerbates the disagreement diplomat with Ottawa.

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