Huawei just want to get rid of Google services for mobile and Android!

Still Huawei to the now forbidden from using the services of Google mobile Google Mobile Services (GMS) in its phones, the New following position of the American administration is not on the list of banned and commitment of the American companies like Google to stop cooperation with them and their licenses.

هواوي تريد فقط التخلي عن خدمات جوجل للموبايل وليس نظام الأندرويد!

Recently launched Huawei series phones Mate 30 new with Android but without Google services to mobile Any without having to follow Google Play or the various Google applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Chrome browser, etc.

Ms. Joy Tan, vice president of Public Relations department at Huawei announced today that Huawei does not intend to develop an alternative operating system for Android because it will take years, but you want only the development of alternatives for Google services for mobile GMS.

Huawei now has the services of Mobile Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), which include a store for apps and some other services but it is generally not up services Apple TV and you need a lot of time and effort and spending generous.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei is currently working on the development of the system HarmonyOS which was detected in last August. This system has the ability to run many applications based on HTML5 and Linux and Android, and will support different smart devices: phones, tablets, and headphones, TVs, cars, etc.

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