Huawei issued a statement after pulling the Google license Android from them

هواوي تصدر بيانًا بعد سحب قوقل لرخصة أندرويد منها

Facing the accelerated events since the signing of the U.S. President Donald Trump of a document called the Ministry of economic status of any company in the block list in case it was a danger to the security of the country, which was the Prohibition of Huawei’s rapid results, and this has not stopped when the limit to the number of tech companies to stop their support for Huawei.

In this regard, the company issued a statement to clarify the status of its phones in the market, she said: “had contributed to Huawei primarily in the development and growth of the Android system in all over the world. Being one of the global partners key for Android, we worked closely with the open source platform of the Android to develop a software environment that benefited users and the sector.”

The company added in its statement: “We will continue to Huawei to provide security updates and after sales services for all smartphones and tablets the current of Huawei, Hunan, including a product that has been sold or is still in stores worldwide. We will continue to work on the construction of a software environment safe and sustainable, in order to provide the best experience for all users worldwide.”

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