Huawei is ready even now to abandon Android

The ideological confrontation between Huawei and the US government have turned first to ban the supply of equipment to state enterprises and even a ban on sales of branded smartphones in the country. It would seem, what could be worse than denial of access to one of the most promising markets? It turns out that can. And this is a ban on the use of the operating system Android, which is software-based devices the Chinese company. But she’s ready for it.

According to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, the company is ready at any moment to abandon the use of Android, if the U.S. government banned Google to maintain a relationship with her. To do this, developers Huawei has designed its own operating system, which will translate branded smartphones in the event of a conflict, requiring the burning of all bridges and the cessation of all forms of cooperation and collaboration between corporations.

Operating system Huawei

Of course, Huawei is not seeking to abandon the OSes search giant now and doesn’t want the need arose some time in the future. Thanks to a good partnership between Huawei and the Chinese Google was directly involved in the adaptation of Android for foldable smartphones, as expected, that they will reap the fruits of their own labors.

Huawei has already proved that in theory is able to abandon Android and go to a proprietary platform. Confirm this smart watch Huawei Watch GT, which became the first mobile device companies operating on the operating system of its own design. And since software development framework takes a long time, it becomes quite obvious that Huawei was aware of the possibility of such outcome and therefore prefer to be armed if the conflict into open war.

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