Huawei is preparing to launch a phone P30 Lite camera three

Revealed the latest leaks about some of the specifications of the phone Huawei P30 Lite that comes with the settings a three-camera rear-resolution display with 1080 pixels resolution.

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More leaks to the versions of Huawei’s upcoming phones P30 which is now showing icons of Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire, where he is expected to return the symbol the last phone Huawei P30 Lite.

Today, monitoring of the leaks new code MAR-LX1M phone P30 Lite, where confirming the leaks that the phone comes with a quality display of 1080 in 2312 pixels in the screen, as the phone features the dimensions of 19.3:9, which indicates that the phone comes to the design of the protrusion top teardrop in the screen, i.e. the same design images leaked from China Code MAR-AL00.

Also expected to come phone P30 Lite with a display size of 6 inches, with a sensor footprint at the rear of the phone as it appears in the leaked images, so it is expected that the limited advantage sensor the fingerprint in the screen versions.

Also comes phone P30 Lite Android 9 Pie, with expectations that the phone works with the support of the processor chip Kirin 710, as revealed leaks other that the phone comes with a charger capacity of 18W to 9V/2A.

In the specification of the cable the confirmed leaks on that phone P30 Lite includes settings for the three for the rear with the sensor main 20 megapixel sensor 16 2 megapixels.

Recall that these specifications in the P30 Lite differ from the version of the nova 4 is expected, which came with a microchip processor Kirin 970 with full control accurately 48 mega pixels and a screen size of 6.4 inch.


I know of

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