Huawei is preparing to launch a phone Mate Xs in 2020 processor Kirin 990 5G

Confirmed Huawei today its plans to launch the phone Mate Xs folding in March of 2020 the next, to apply to the phone processor the company’s new Kirin 990 5G.

Held company, Huawei day conference to launch the phones Mate 30 5G وMate 30 Pro 5G in the Chinese market, as the company has confirmed the launch date of the phone by folding Mate X to the markets on the 15th of November, also the company confirmed that a version that supports communication networks of the fifth generation apply titled Mate Xs next year.

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Projections indicate that the phone Mate Xs comes with a design different from the main version Mate X, is also expected to support the processor Kirin 990 5G best phone Mate Xs.

Features a processor Kirin 990 5G core EUV resists precisely the manufacture of 7 nm, with a modem chip 5G compact, unlike the chip Kirin 980 provided in the phone Mate X, featuring a new chip processing unit nervous NPU more efficient, with nuclei Cortex A76 and also the nuclei A55-efficient standards and the highest.

It is planned to reveal the Huawei later about the specifications account of the other in the phone Mate Xs before launching the phone officially in the month of March next year.


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