Huawei is facing a bleak future in Europe

Huawei is facing a bleak future in Europe.

Huawei is facing a bleak future in Europe.

Facing the Chinese company Huawei unknown fate may be grim and black in the Old Continent Europe after rumors spread about near the police ban in the EU due to the risk of trade

Fell deal Huawei big with Verizon the US at the beginning of this year, due to the privacy concerns of the United States, which stopped the sales of the phones first in the second-largest market for smartphones in the world.

Huawei may face Prohibition of the European

According to the website Bloomberg , it has become the government officials from the United Kingdom, Germany and France are more wary of Huawei, even before the arrest of finance director of the company in recent times, Canada.

Successfully Huawei exceeded the sales of Apple U.S. to become the second company that sells smartphones around the world , after the Korean company Samsung .

Europe is the largest market for the company outside of Asia. As that market will be put up the fifth generation in the next year, but may not be allowed to buy Chinese telecommunications giant to provide equipment for new businesses ultra-fast, according to the report.

And Bloomberg that Britain closer to making a decision prohibiting the work of Huawei on its territory because of reports of the dangers of glycol ethers .

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