Huawei introduces staff in Poland after being convicted of spying and demands that they cease dealing with the company

هواوي تطرد موظفًا في بولندا بعد إدانته بالتجسس والدولة تطالب بوقف التعامل مع الشركة

In spite of booming sales in many markets, but Huawei do not live brighter days at the present time problems of protection and of trade in different countries from the Far East and even the far west of the world, so I started problems in the United States and then went to Australia, and then grew in Europe which made the company in a difficult situation.

But the hardest now is to take the Polish government arrested one of the employees of the company the Chinese in Poland out of business, where he signed a wing Wang in the hands of the government there. Despite the permit of Poland from the non-Link Huawei directly in the process of trade, but a spy for foreign company constitutes a strong blow. Especially after the arrest of director of the company in Canada out of respect last month.

Demanded Joachim prudence Polish Foreign Minister of the European Union and NATO cooperation and the Prohibition of Chinese police work, the government would also review the cooperation agreement with Huawei on the development of technologies of the fifth generation in Poland.

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