Huawei introduced the service to run Windows 10 on their smartphones

Huawei launched Huawei Cloud PC, which will allow running on devices of the manufacturer of a cloud-based version of Windows 10. This writes AndroidAuthority with reference to the representatives of the brand. Initially the product will only be available to users in China, but later spread its effect on Europe.

Windows 10 on smartphone

The Huawei Cloud PC was showcased at CES Asia conference in 2018, which was launched earlier this week in Shanghai. The development of Huawei uses a proprietary Protocol of the company, which allows Windows 10 to access the file system of Android-smartphone, which runs the cloud OS.

This will allow owners of smartphones Huawei to combine the advantages of mobile devices and the desktop operating system. For example, users Huawei P20 Pro will be able to use a triple chamber, and then open and edit the resulting image in the desktop version of Photoshop or other editor.

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