Huawei intends to launch a chip fifth generation 5G business in the next year

5G Network

Telecommunications companies in some major markets like the United States invest heavily in 5G for the launch of the 5G commercial by next year. Will also start to see smartphones that support networks of the fifth generation in the year 2019 where scheduled to begin manufacturers for the chip the world in the provision of information that supports the fifth-generation networks for manufacturers of smart phones soon. The company said Huawei that it will launch solutions for 5G own trade chip the mobile devices in the month of March next year.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress MWC which is being held in the country’s economic capital of China Shanghai, said the CEO of Huawei, Mr. Eric Xu that the company will embrace fully the era of 5G in the coming year, with plans to launch solutions for 5G own commercial chip has 5G of smart phones in the month of March of 2019.

Will be assisting the company in achieving its goals through the Declaration on the 3GPP Release 16, which will address the problems related to the response time of the low on the standard 5G. Once it is completed, this will accelerate the development of network services and 5G. Added Mr. Eric Xu that after the launch of solutions 5G, police will be able to launch the first smart phone called 5G by June of next year. Will be Huawei is definitely the only company that will release a smart phone that supports 5G in the market during the next year.

Skip Huawei now unlock solutions 5G of business of the company is independent in September of 2018, while followed by their solutions 5G of the independent in March 2019.



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