Huawei in the dock because of the reviews counterfeit phone Mate 10 Pro

The availability of Huawei’s accusations and sharp criticism because of the leadership by mobilizing users to write fake reviews about the phone Mate 10 Pro on the website registration American BestBuy though not to launch the phone within the United States.

هواوي في قفص الاتهام بسبب المراجعات المزيفة لهاتف Mate 10 Pro

Huawei in the dock because of the reviews counterfeit phone Mate 10 Pro

The details of the fact that Huawei has its own set of official private on Facebook with over 60 thousand members published through a contest urges members to register on the website of BestBuy and write the reasons why they own her new Mate 10 Pro in exchange for the opportunity to try it out, pushing the participating members to write reviews and fake opinions about the phone they all contain words of praise and admiration to the phone after several days on the evaluation of 4.8/5 and while it hasn’t been even now inside the markets of America!

Huawei officially responded to the accusations and indicated that an error occurs is not multi, there have been two campaigns promoting phone Mate 10 Pro: one of which is to urge members to participate in the pilot program to experience the phone and the other to get their reactions and opinions about it, and what happened to that Member accidentally logged their reviews without trying the phone.

And added Huawei also they encourage users to share their experiences about their product but after intensive use as it occurs within the pilot program, and not the wrong way, caused by the misunderstanding in reference to the time last set.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei even now encounter difficulties in presenting their products within the US markets and failed to hold partnerships with communications companies of America because of the mounting security concerns and fear of the United States of the use of user data for political purposes.

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