Huawei: Huawei Watch GT ranking criteria wearable devices

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هواوي: Huawei Watch GT ترتقي بمعايير الأجهزة القابلة للارتداء

Managed company Huawei , the world leader in the innovation technologies of raising the standards of wearable devices to a new level with the launch of H Huawei and GT Huawei Watch GT, which is destroyed in the heart of the new smart watch concept racing car gt GT, and the two letters of the Latin phrase Gran course Gran Turismo, which launches on race cars high-performance sports.

This phrase literally roaming the great or long journey, as moving those cars competition and long races, the H Huawei and GT Huawei Watch GT up to limits unprecedented in relation to the age of the battery as compared with the smart watches of the traditional, and according to the company, where these former users to a new era of control capabilities in this type of electronic gadgets.

And long battery life explorer and adventurer in the cities of the Twenty-First Century is an indispensable in the success of any mobile device or take advantage of high efficiency, which is achieved by the Huawei in its smart new and make him a part of its basic structure, the idea of a high performance GT of the history of the automotive industry.

The industry has been car-engines enjoy strongly High has begun in the last century, and were referred to as GT, and in the market as a new type of cars with engines of small size high performance to suit driving long distances.

And Huawei freely by continuing to provide the best technology users among the innovative devices enjoy high-quality to allow them to stay connected in the process of bringing greater benefits to them, that is embodied in the H Huawei and GT which consume very low power, so that they work two weeks before her need to drink again.

As download the previous exterior design innovative and consistent with their modern look, so it resembles a sports car with high performance through the integration of its functions and specifications of the force within the small body size of 10.6 mm, which makes it able to offer superior capabilities in the design resembles a wristwatch classic.

The most important advantages of the Huawei and GT Huawei Watch GT:

  • Screen for high clarity compared to 1.39-inch Active Touch screen provides wide viewing with high accuracy.
  • Consumption intelligent power prolongs the use for two weeks.
  • Dual structure, the engine reduced power consumption.
  • High accuracy in positioning via the GPS system.
  • Intelligent control of heart rate.
  • Different modes for multi-sport.
  • The system of training an athlete well thought out scientifically.
  • Monitor daily content and improved.

The gate Arab News Technical Huawei: Huawei Watch GT ranking criteria for wearable devices

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