Huawei has promised that it will continue to update all their smartphones and tablets to Android

The termination of partnership between Google and Huawei because of the sanctions that the US imposed on Chinese manufacturers, will not affect the users brand smartphone brand. This statement was made by official representatives of Huawei. According to them, current owners of vehicles that came under the brands of Huawei and Honor, can still count on the support and all necessary updates that get the smartphones of its competitors.

“Huawei will continue to release security updates and provide after-sales service all smartphones and tablets Huawei and Honor that have been sold to date, as well as those that are currently in warehouses and will be sold in the future. We intend to continue to build a safe and sustainable ecosystem to provide our clients the best experience,” said Huawei in.

Are the updates for Huawei

The words of the representatives of the Huawei that the company intends to continue to release security updates for already released devices that are inconsistent with the statement of sources Reuters, claimed that it would deprive the source of all subsequent patches.

We have two versions of events: either Huawei was able to negotiate with Google to continue to support existing smartphones and tablets or the company intends to search for bugs in Android and fix errors as they are detected. In theory, there is nothing impossible, since Android is an open platform and modify and customize which can be anyone and anything you like.

But, whatever it was, on users, most likely, the conflict, the US and Huawei, which led to the deprivation of the last license on Android and Google services in the coming year do not change. First, because the Chinese already have the source code of Android 9 Pie, and maybe even Android Q, which remained only to adapt to all devices of the company. And, secondly, almost all the Google services you can successfully update through Google Play, which will be the only non-updatable Google.

At the same time, Huawei did not say anything that will try to keep relationship with Google and how to solve the problem. Maybe China realized that it was impossible or chose to take a position and will now begin to develop its own OS, which although does not have sufficient volumes, has all chances to become a popular platform among users and among developers.

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