Huawei has developed its own alternative to Android and windows

Developed Chinese company Huawei operating systems, and is ready to use Hobby their smart and organs of the other in the case had led their legal battle against the United States of America to impose a ban on the use of the services of America, such as Android and windows.

Huawei said that their new line-up began work on an alternative to the Android system in early 2012, when I opened the United States an investigation on the activities of Huawei and ZTE.

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Recently, the company raised Huawei’s lawsuit against the United States in response to the prohibition prevents the use of its organs and processes by the government, which prevents the actual fighters, key government of using its equipment, and the lawsuit that the ban on Huawei is illegal, and of competition.

Although she says she is ready to replace the operating systems for smart phones and computers, but that Huawei will need to find new partners because computers do not rely on the Intel processors of America, was going to use MediaTek processors or begin development of its own products.

Sources: South China Morning Post – The Verge

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