Huawei had replaced the screen cutout hole


Modern full-screen smartphones are increasingly available with the slots in displays, allows you to place on the front of the device selfie camera and other smart phone components, including a speaker for voice communication. In the Network appeared the patent sketch for the second leader of the world smartphone market, the company Huawei, technologies to do without the cutout in the display that does not cause many users have the slightest of warm feeling.

Holes replace the notch. Huawei decided to place the speaker for voice communication in screen hole. It was shown in the sketch to the USPTO of a patent application. And this is interesting because it is expected that this hole will be used for selfie camera (like the design of the Samsung Infinity-O A8s and Galaxy, the teaser of which previously appeared in the Network), says Peter (Peter) on the resource page

Huawei found a new place for speaker smartphone


It should be noted that the patent at all shows, where will be a selfie-camera, without which modern users already do not want to. However, in July this year, the Network appeared “leaked” design Huawei, on which the camera device was located in the hole, and speaker for communication. — on the frame.


In this design, the fingerprint scanner is located under the display surface of the mobile device. The patent also suggests the location of this component on the rear panel, below the main camera smart phone. Thus, Huawei is likely considering several approaches to design.


It is surprising that so much effort is made to accommodate a regular speaker for telephone communication, although even now it is technically possible to embed piezoelectric dynamics under the surface of the screen of the mobile device. However, in this case, the sound quality may not be sufficiently high as when you use traditional speaker.

What will eventually replace the on-screen notch in smartphones? To discuss this important topic readers can Telegram chat.

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