Huawei FreeBuds Lite: novelty or echoes of the past?

In the past year we’ve seen the headphone Huawei FreeBuds, then they have caused a lot of interest. Now, the Chinese company withdrew them from sale, but has released an update in the form of Huawei FreeBuds Lite. To understand what are the differences isn’t easy but we understand.

To get started just talk a little about the headphones themselves. It’s all the same plugs that come in the briefcase resembling cake “potato”. It is available in black and white.

General information

In case the headphones are still comfortable. I like this location much more than in the case AirPods, when they should to intercept for placement in the ear. Here it is necessary immediately to take the headphone by the stem and simply insert into the ear. Even located they cross to the left ear, it was easier to take the left hand, and right right.

Headphones able to work in conditions of light moisture protection thanks to the IPX4 standard. This means that in the rain and from sweat in the gym they will not suffer. In other cases it is better to protect them from water treatments. A full battery of headphones and charging case will last for 12 hours, not so much. But an hour and a half listening to them can be charged in just 15 minutes, and to listen for 3 hours for an hour. It is also not impressive.

Both the headset equipped with dual microphones, which should significantly reduce the noise level when talking. In General,the function works, but miracles do not happen, and the noise still penetrated, although not as much stopping and talking possible.


In the kit, except the charging cable and the instruction set seems to be in all languages of the world, included three sets of regular ear cushions and one set of sports. In size they are closer to the middle, and the main difference will be the presence of holes in a circle, which should provide for better air circulation. I honestly did not notice a difference, but they are not asked, then let them be.

The comfort and sound

For wearing comfort, compared with the previous generation, absolutely nothing has changed. Form headphones and soft ear cushions absolutely the same. The downside would be that xation has not changed. With all my good-natured attitude to in-ear headphones, it seems to me that they do not sit very securely. Once, when I had to run down the street, one earphone I even had a chance. In fact so fast that I just don’t have time to hold it. Even with AirPods, this was not.

The sound of the headphones is nothing to show, although predictable, when compared with the wired models, they will lose this indicator even headphones for 3 000 rubles. Despite the fact that they are 7 990 rubles. Here the whole point is wireless sound and the ability, as in the case of AirPods, to use headphones separately. The overall sound is satisfactory but I have not been able to obtain from a normal headphone bottom. Problem is solved by replacing the ear cushions on a hard sided, but in this case almost a hundred percent of the cases, the case will not be closed.

Most likely, this was done deliberately, so as to equip the headphones heavier ear cushions is worth nothing, and their creators people are not stupid. They may not know how it affects the sound. Most likely, it was made specifically to the user not to lose contact with the outside world.

The differences from the first generation

Turning to the differences from the first generation Huawei FreeBuds, I can say that only two of them, although they are not so obvious and never publicized.

The first is the connector for charging. In last year’s model it was the USB Type-C, but now it is a regular Micro USB. Strange regression. The second difference, the reply from support online store Huawei, is different design of the speakers.

In Huawei FreeBuds used 7-mm combination dynamics, which is a hybrid of reinforcement earphones and headphone with dynamic head. In FreeBuds Lite Huawei is used only dynamic head.

Based on these two differences, we can conclude that the product is deservedly called Litebecause they are really more simple, and their price is justified. The only positive difference that I found in the novelty lies in the presence of soft inserts on the lid of the case in the place where headphones can about it rubbing. Nice, but this difference is ended.

The results

Overall, I can’t say that the headphones are bad, but I think the manufacturer should have corrected some of the flaws of the first generation, and not just to produce a more affordable option. That’s good, too, but to change the first generation to the second is unlikely, but if you want to buy, need to think what to choose.

If the first generation was impressed more do not forget that the only external difference is the charging port. If you find them on sale, make sure it’s really them.

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