Huawei facing setbacks in the new European communications markets

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هواوي تواجه انتكاسات جديدة في أسواق الاتصالات الأوروبية

Company Huawei Chinese setbacks in the new communications markets in Europe, where she told The Sunday Telegraph that the project costs US $ 3 million to equip hundreds of thousands of members of the British police and the paramedics equipment and modern communication will abandon network equipment Chinese manufactured by Huawei, and the plan of the Ministry of the interior to provide network services to the new emergency (ESN) of up to 300 thousand emergency service vehicles and more than 100 aircraft equipped with data safe mobile phone coverage calls delays.

And the company supplied the project’s EE this resolution due to the presence of a car that has a range of BT BT Group Royal does not require the cancellation of the components of the network of the fourth generation of Huawei within the main centres in the network, the Discovery Centre, unlike a diplomatic growing about the threats of hacking Chinese, where I believe the National Centre of cyber security in the UK, arm e-mail for Communication, Government, GCHQ, the FBI, the American in this week of China to allow hackers to target companies and Western governments.

The U.S. issued an indictment against two Chinese citizens reportedly part of a group of piracy of state, and joined the Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt Jeremy Hunt to the list of officials the Americans and Canadians who are demanding the release of two Canadians detained by China, it is believed that the process of detention may have been revenge for the arrest of the responsible financial Huawei Huawei, where I thought Meng enzyme called Meng Wanzhou, the son of the founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei, in Vancouver in the first of the month of December due to alleged violations of U.S. sanctions.

And Huawei by the U.S. security agencies to form a national security risk, prompting the United States and New Zealand, Australia and Japan to ban its own technology in recent months, denied Huawei repeatedly these accusations, as they were involved in the trade war between the United States and China, officials tried to Americans to convince allies of the need to abandon the equipment to the Chinese police because of the risk of the trade.

It takes the process of replacing parts Huawei of network emergency services the new ESN fully up to four years, the company said EE’s network will operate at full capacity by 2019 as planned, which makes her late for a period of two years from the deadline, that is the removal of some parts of Huawei retroactively.

The to Ericsson Ericsson of Sweden and Nokia Nokia Finnish that they filter two possible to provide spare parts after the removal of network equipment to the Chinese, she said EE had no security concerns about equipment Huawei, while a government spokesperson said it at the time at which the removal of parts of the Huawei from network, ESN, the content of the network infrastructure does not pose a security concern.

The company EE has got the contract to build a network of ESN in 2015, including the parts that were created by Huawei, was scheduled to cost the network up to $ 1.4 million, to be completed by 2017, but has been delayed repeatedly, and an additional $ 1.5 million, and the company EE decision in 2016 by making its network compatible with the internal politics of the group BT BT Group, which reduced the use of the equipment Huawei within the core parts of its network since 2006.

The set BT BT Group is one of the first British companies that started working with Huawei, however, has been questioned in its agreement with the Chinese company in the report of the committee on intelligence in 2013, which pointed to a conflict of interest between the company and national security.

Said Professor Alan Woodward Alan Woodward, an expert in cyber security at the University of Surrey Surrey, said many of the young people were aware of the risks of continuing to use the equipment of Huawei, added, “These companies is concerned, the probability of occurrence of a malfunction,” said a spokesman for the company, EE: “we have plans ready to switch to a basic network new network ESN, in line with the principles of BT. Will be managed without any disruption to service ESN”.

The gate Arab News Technical Huawei facing setbacks in the new European communications markets

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