Huawei explained why he postponed the launch of Mate X, and called the timing of the release Mate Xs

You’ve probably already forgotten about the Huawei Mate X. This is the first folding and the second Huawei smartphone commercial smartphone with a similar design in the world. Despite the fact that it was introduced back in March and promised to release in the summer, all of a sudden, Huawei cancelled the run without explanation. Since then and until now, about the device almost could not be heard, which could give the impression that the company actually froze the project of a folding smartphone, regarding it as a failure. But as it turned out a few hours ago, all Mate in X order.

Huawei Mate X will be released next month, and his replacement in March

Official sales of the Huawei Mate X will begin November 15, however, at first, to buy a smartphone will be possible only in China. The representatives of the company wrote on his page in the social network Weibo. Along with the release date was announced and the retail price new, which, contrary to rumors, absolutely not decreased. Huawei Mate X will be on sale at the price of 2400 USD, which is almost 500 dollars more expensive foldable Fold Galaxy from Samsung, which came out a few weeks earlier. Apparently the Chinese never managed to reduce production costs to make corporate device interesting for the consumer.

When will Huawei Mate Xs

However, the high price is not the only disadvantage Mate X. due to the fact that the smartphone was delayed by almost six months, the hardware that Huawei has equipped its already time to date. Not that the Kirin processor 980 was the worst run, this time on the market, a new, more productive and energy efficient chip Kirin 990, which the company equips the flagship Huawei Mate 30. Today, it is one of the world’s most powerful mobile processors that can compete with A13 Bionic from Apple.

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Huawei understands that it is strange to equip so innovative smartphone like Mate X last year’s processor, and therefore is already preparing his successor with the most productive “iron”, which is available today. The novelty will be called Huawei Mate Xs, the processor Kirin 990 and will be released in March 2020. The gradation of RAM and internal memory the updated model will remain the same – 8/512 GB. But the price at which it could be sold, was not disclosed. Most likely, she will not grow relative to the original Mate X, but because Huawei is specifically silent about it.

What has changed in Huawei Mate X

In addition, today also it became known, why not Mate X went on sale in the summer, as promised. According to the company, when Samsung withdrew Galaxy Fold in Huawei worried that their product also can suffer from the same imperfections, and therefore decided to delay its release in order to conduct additional testing and to once again experience softwaree content to the software unit worked perfectly. Any design changes Mate X doesn’t say, allowing to assume that the device from the start is pretty reliable. In any case, it would be logical if Huawei talked about the fact that the novelty has become even better than it was before.

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We happened to meet with Huawei Mate X almost immediately after its official presentation. Cursory testing of the apparatus showed that it is more similar to the final product than the Galaxy Fold, which is due to the recesses for the camera and furrow passing through the display, leaving the impression of some incompleteness. However, it turned out that we were wrong. After all, Galaxy Fold entered the market first and is already in demand not only abroad but also in Russia, where he asked for 159 990 rubles in the official retail and nearly 200 00 rubles – in the gray.

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