Huawei expects to be the largest seller of smartphones in the world this year

Huawei P20 Pro

Has always been the goal of Huawei is to become the largest seller of smartphones in the world. The timing of this Chinese company the day they will become the largest vendor of smartphones in the world this year. It would be a great achievement for the company if you managed it, especially if we take into account that smart phones are not available in the US market.

Was Huawei one of the fastest growing manufacturers of smart phones growing in the world, it has managed to charge towards the 208 million smartphones in the year 2018. Said the head of hardware division consumer in the company of Huawei, Mr. Richard Yu today during a press conference held in Beijing yesterday : ” even without the US market we’ll be number one in the world“, adding : ” I think we will get this achievement this year, or next year “.

It also touched Mr. Richard Yu to the concerns of some governments about the use of products Huawei spy for the Chinese government. He said during the press conference : ” our clients have confidence in US. They’re just some of the politicians who are trying to pressure us “.

The company announced the Huawei to the devices section of consumer in the company has grown by 50 percent in the past year in terms of revenue, which amounted to US $ 52 million. The hardware division consumer in the company is responsible for 48 percent of the company’s total revenue, this is the first time that beats in this section in terms of revenue on the Department of networks and profitable company.

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