Huawei expects higher revenues in spite of audit international

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هواوي تتوقع ارتفاع إيراداتها بالرغم من التدقيق الدولي

The timing of the company Huawei technology, the occurrence of a jump by 21 percent on an annual basis. In revenue in 2018, representing a faster pace of growth in the technology sector in China within two years in spite of rising world prices, as it appears this jump sharp acceleration in the turnover growth in spite of the difficulties, auditing, international to that faced by the Chinese company this year, combat to dispel growing concerns about its security of its products, and the largest technology company in China in terms of sales achieved up to 108.5 million of revenues for the year 2018, the year he shipped more than 200 million phone to leapfrog Apple in the rankings of the global market.

And start vice chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Huawei rotating Gao Ping Guo Ping confident in the speech of the end of the year, which was published today, Thursday, and pledged to double the company’s efforts to take its position as a leader in the revolution of 5G, cream and Gao Ping, a number of statements made by Ken is Ken Hu, deputy chairman of the board of Directors of the company Huawei and Chief Executive Officer, alternating chairman of the board of Huawei Technologies USA, in the last week during the rare meeting with the international media.

This meeting came at a time in which the company Huawei, which is the largest maker of communications equipment in the world and the second-largest of smart phones, to the big sticking point for the United States of America and fears of economic domination and technology of China, also expressed by the main customers of the company such as Orange Orange France and Deutsche Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, the German BT BT British concerns about the equipment of Huawei, in addition to the current prohibition in Australia and New Zealand and the United States.

Said Gao Ping in a message posted on one of the accounts of the Huawei official on the platform WeChat: “can not give us the difficulties of progress. No matter how the situation changes around us, our strategy for the company’s operations, particularly in relation to suppliers, the Americans, will not change,” he added to prevent Huawei from participating in various markets of the 5G looks like an NBA game without all the Stars, where you can’t play to the highest technical standards possible.

And come backlash against Huawei to form a critical juncture for the company which has ambitions to be a leader in the field of networks of the fifth generation, a technology that is expected to run a large number of devices from smart phones to cars, the company said it signed 26 deals networks fifth generation 5G with mobile operators worldwide, and shipped more than 10 thousand base station.

Warned the vice-chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Huawei’s rotating from to the exclusion of Huawei’s products is to simply delete the best techniques, has emerged these concerns in the public discourse after the detention of the director of Finance of Huawei and its founder Ren Zhengfei, Meng down Meng Wanzhou, in Canada because of allegations that she helped in the violation of U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran.

Examines the US President Donald Trump and the possibility of issuing an executive order during the new year grants all U.S. companies use equipment company Huawei and ZTE LTE ZTE, as quoted by Reuters from sources unspecified, reported Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying Hua Chunying on the report, saying that the state must provide facts to justify its concerns about cyber-security.

The gate Arab News Technical Huawei expects higher revenues in spite of audit international

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