Huawei developed the systems running their anticipation prevent them from using Android and windows

هواوي طورت أنظمة تشغيل لأجهزتها تحسبًا لمنعها من استخدام أندرويد وويندوز

Said director of Huawei, Richard Yu, said that his company now owns a line of alternative operating systems in anticipation of any problems ahead with the U.S. government prohibit companies out there to deal with, Yu stressed that his company has developed operating systems alternative to Android and windows.

Huawei has been working on the development of the operating system since 2012 for smartphones but it is now ready for use in case of emergency, where the police locked the explicitly shared with the U.S. government because of its prohibition of work in the country and impose fines on them, as demanded by the US government from countries such as Germany not to deal with Huawei, which is what made the company suing the U.S. government because its decisions are arbitrary.

He added on in his statement to Die Welt that the company is happy to work with operating systems of Microsoft’s parking, but she is ready to face any accidents cause prevent American companies from dealing with them thus preventing them from using operating systems.

Despite the ready Huawei the consequences of the Prevention of the use of operating systems developed their own systems, they will be on the other side of the corporate energy-saving processors such as Intel and Qualcomm especially since they use Intel processors in its computers, while Qualcomm is the best alternative in the market, which means that prevent American companies from dealing with them will be edited to develop all the pieces and products by yourself also when you provide the devices and equipment strong.

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