Huawei determining the date of conference to reveal a phone with three cameras !

Samsung is not the only one that everyone is waiting to your grandparents, there is a company suitable to and strongly, in particular Chinese manufacturers of non-Apple, it is the most powerful Chinese companies Huawei, the latter of which identified the date of detection of New this year, and the details in today’s article !

هواوي تحدد تاريخ مؤتمرها للكشف عن هاتف مع ثلاث كاميرات !

Huawei determining the date of conference to reveal a phone with three cameras !

Assured Huawei that on 27 March, after more than a month From now; will the holding its own in Paris, which will be about your grandparents; that first sense of “see mooore with AI”, or to see more with artificial intelligence.

Of course we all know that Huawei develops and manufactures its own series of Kirin, which emphasizes the Always Huawei they processors think of artificial intelligence for the service used, beginning with the recognition of the proper performance of the user on a daily basis; in order to adjust the Processor Speed according to that and not the large power consumption of the battery, as well as adjust the export settings in the best way through it; right down to the security and protection consultation.

Expected to reveal the Huawei as is clear in the previous picture for a phone carrying three cameras, the background, of course and to continue their collaboration with the company Leica German, all this indicates the keenness of Huawei to compete in the field of imaging through smartphones.

Phones available the disclosure is: Huawei P11, or perhaps exceed Huawei this figure is also reported the leaks to adopt the name of Huawei P20 and P20 Plus, and the light: P20 Lite, will the advantages of the well-known technique as well as the new processor of the company is Kirin 970, the RAM capacity of 6 up to 8 GB, and by the dimensions of the 18:9 of course, most importantly that the police will focus on the camera in its upcoming devices.

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