Huawei decided to show Samsung what a “real update”

Social networks just talking about Samsung and its new Galaxy Note 9. Competitors the company is also very actively discussing the product, but among its competitors there’s only one really willing and able to furnish a company in the market. Huawei made it clear that its Note 9 is not impressive, but their intentions, the company refuses.

In his Twitter account, Huawei established a publication, in which he told how much their smartphone Huawei P20 Pro differs from the model P10. She called it “the real updates that every day will make you feel the difference.” It is obvious that the company just laughs at Samsung because its Galaxy Note 9 almost no different from Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy from Galaxy S8 S9 also has gone very far.

Huawei recently Apple has selected the second place in the global smartphone market and clearly gave to understandthat Samsung is on the line. Huawei plans to become the best smartphone manufacturer does not believe that American and South Korean companies may stand in its way.

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