Huawei controls 42% of smartphone shipments in Chinese market

Huawei has sold 41.5 million smartphone in China during the Quarter Past, The Last Detective, increased at an annual rate of 66%

هواوي تسيطر على 42% من شحنات الهواتف الذكية في السوق الصيني

Despite U.S. actions to deliver significant growth accelerated, which is a Huawei, but the company still achieved success on the level of sales and, most recently in the world’s largest markets for phones China.

Rising sales of the company during the current year in China with about 66% at an annual rate, according to a statistical data analysis company Canalys. The company has sold 41.5 million smartphone in China during the quarter past the last unit, to determine that a new record based on 42% of the total phone sales in her home country during this quarter.

In comparison with the same quarter of last year, Huawei has sold 25 million smartphones a detective control by 25% on phone market in that period.

In view of the activity and the popularity is growing on Huawei phones in China that the counter-revolution of the Chinese support the Chinese giant against the decision arbitrary and the American company; on the background of accusing her of spying for the Chinese government and threatening the national security of the US.

The earlier report had noted the success of the company in charge of 186 million smartphone during the period from January until September, right, the growth in the revenue by 26% from the same team from last year.

It seems that the growth of Huawei in China will continue for a longer time compared with its expansion in other countries in the world under the ban of the current lack of support for its devices applications Google, except that its position will be by large in China must play an important role in resolving the crisis and the ban; the paper pressure in favour of its suppliers and collaborators as the largest customer for a number of American companies that have previously rejected claims of the government of the need to resolve outstanding issues with Huawei.

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