Huawei continues to lead the Chinese market in the shadow of the expected decline the sales of iPhone

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Maybe you’ve heard that the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook pointed with his finger to the Chinese market to justify the poor performance for iPhone new in the market.

In fact, show the latest statistics issued by the institution Canalys specialized in market research to the smart phone market in China as a whole was not good, it has decreased, and shipments by 15 percent in the second quarter of 2018 to 101 million units after the shipments had amounted to 119 million units in the third quarter of 2017.

Under the Apple ranked fifth in terms of number of units shipped, but high prices for its smart phones puts it in first place in terms of revenue. However, the first iPhone didn’t do much to improve sales. I tried the Apple to provide many of the performances convince Chinese consumers to buy its new smartphones, but it seems that those cuts were not good enough for people to stop phones iPhone old.

It is interesting to find that the iPhone X has achieved very good sales in China when released there in 2017, but the failure of the iPhone XS in the same effect.

The institution Canalys highlighting the category of smart phones that cost between 400$ and 600$ as the category Most Awarded sales despite the fact that the average selling price of smartphones in China is hovering around$ 300. However, he assured analysts that the 5G technology phones smart folding will lead to growth in sales of smart phones that cost more than$600.

Was Oppo A5 is the most popular phone in China during the second quarter of 2018. In fact, I was able to smartphones of both Oppo and Vivo with a list of smart phones top ten bestseller in China during the third quarter of last year, has managed only one phone of Xiaomi company to breach this list, this phone is Xiaomi Redmi 6A, which ranked fifth.

Speaking about the company Vivo, it has been a series phones, the Vivo Y-Series represents a 64 in the class of smart phones that shipped in the third quarter of last year. This has helped the smartphone company Vivo of company plans for Oppo achieving second place in the Chinese market, behind Huawei in the third quarter of last year at least. Has kept the company Vivo their prices relatively constant and focused on the local market, she sold 75 percent of all smartphones in China.

It was a sub-brand Honor of the company Huawei is behind most of the sales won by Huawei in the third quarter of last year in China, and that’s what helped Huawei to keep the first place at the local level and second place at the global level. According to the report, it has suffered a series phones are the leading Huawei P Series, Huawei Mate Series of setback where it slowed down the screens on the process of production of the phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

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