Huawei confirms that the dead 30 Pro will come without services and applications Google

Just announced Huawei for phones dead 30 new and we were afraid of has happened. this is where Huawei already on the ban list for the United States of America a while ago which resulted in the advent of the new phones without services and applications Google.

Now the executive director of the Department of the House of Huawei’s Richard Yu confirmed that it’s where Google has dropped the license to Huawei to use its service it is that you know Google Mobile Services (GMS) has mentioned Yu said: “We can’t use Google services in dead 30, but we can use the services of Huawei!”.

This means that the phone will depend on the apps Huawei the default is that they come in all phones, by the way, including the App Store AppGallery which will be an alternative store to Google Now.

Of course this phone is the first phone certified by Huawei without Google services because of the problem between Huawei and the United States are actually modern, as to shop Huawei will let you of services available from any app store including automatic updates and this while the App Store already boasts 45 thousand apps ready to download and is compatible with the phone. Huawei also has an excellent plan to convince developers to develop apps and games exclusive to the store so that the company intend to give developers profits of up to 85% of sales and purchases within apps while Google only pays 70% add to that Huawei and even now have allocated a billion dollars to complete the process of development.

As we all know it is the phone Huawei also sold in China as a market is essential not only in China, Google services are not supported so it is equal already have the Alternative for most applications Google, but it won’t be that easy for the user European or even Arab!

Bottom line, the phones dead 30 dead 30 Pro will come without services and applications Google the key but it will give Android 10 naturally, there will be, you have to strive a little bit to get the apps you need as it would be additional effort for your phone and your apps, and in the absence of Google services.

Source: TheVerge

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