Huawei confirms: my phone is Huawei P9 and P9 Plus will be released two Android 8.0

Always during this period of each year there will be a new series talking about the updates to Android, where daily to inform you of new companies and launch for Android, today we talk about Huawei, which was published a confirmation of the will of the owners of the device Huawei P9 and P9 Plus.

هواوي تؤكد: هاتفي Huawei P9 و P9 Plus سيصحلان على الأندرويد 8.0

Huawei confirms: my phone is Huawei P9 and P9 Plus will be released two Android 8.0

Talking of course about the Android version 0.0 or Android oreo, where all the companies are now working to provide this update of its organs, beginning always with the phones leading and most prevalent, and then followed by the phones the least prevalent of which was released last year and before, for Huawei not to deviate from this plan, and to provide update to many of its organs, but the owners of Huawei P9 were few investigators.

In the end, came the confirmation of Huawei device said: Huawei P9 وP9 Plus, they will receive later on Android 8.0 from the launch update of the Special Edition EMUI 8.0, especially as they are the first phones of the company which carry the advantages of upgraded such as the Dual Camera processors Huawei smart.

This emphasis has been on the lips of the Director of product development at Huawei, as this official statement only to say, Huawei launched the update, but without specifying an exact date for it.

Let’s point out that there’s a possibility that the update to users only in China, however this remains without assurances is well, and all we have to is wait for the update arrives officially, we’ll bring you any reports about it.

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