Huawei cheating their customers in a new advertising

Many companies in the past not once cheated when creating promotional videos, and Huawei is no exception. Probably this approach is the norm in the creation of advertising, but this is the norm as long as you don’t know about normal users.

The Egyptian model took part in the shooting of advertising Huawei Nova 3i for Egyptian consumers:

The image shows a man allegedly holding a smartphone, which makes self.

The model later published a photo in Instagram showing the process of shooting, which shows a couple taking pictures with a professional DSLR, not a smartphone.

Later photo it is, of course, removed, but members of the model managed to save the image:

Now, before you believe the videos Huawei, demonstrating fotosmoralo smartphones, the company should think good and remember this rather unpleasant situation.

And in place of Huawei I would approach the creation of advertising honestly. Even pictures taken using the Nova 3i would have edited in Photoshop, but it would still be footage taken with Nova 3i. But to use a DSLR camera, in my opinion, quite blatantly.

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