Huawei ban the use of Android on its smartphones

Huawei may not be able to install Android on their smartphones. About it reports The Washington Post. The reason for the recognition of Huawei as a foreign agent, which pose a threat to U.S. national security. Incorporation of a company in this list automatically ban it from using American technology. And since Android is developed by Google which is an American company, the ban will apply in relation to the OS.

The ban on the use of American development – in this case Android – is not absolute. Theoretically, Huawei can retain the right to use the operating system. To do this, Google will need to obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Commerce of the United States. But since this procedure is it is permissive and not notifying character, there is a great risk that the Department will prohibit the search giant to give Huawei access to its OS.

Analog Android by Huawei

It is difficult to say how it will happen deprivation Huawei access Android. In addition, it is not very clear how long the U.S. Department of Commerce will give Google for the execution of instructions. After all, if the ban will be swift, Huawei is unlikely to extend its OS, which the company made as a replacement for Android in the shortest possible time. Well, if it succeeds, it is likely to avoid large-scale failures of corporate devices brand, which are characteristic of such changes, will not succeed.

A few months ago, the CEO of Huawei has confirmed that the company has developed its own operating system for mobile devices in the event of deterioration of the climate in relations between China and the United States. However, the top Manager expressed the hope that tensions between countries will not affect the relationship Huawei and Google, which are working together on multiple projects, including Android for foldable smartphones.

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