Huawei announces the system of Smart Eyewear

Revealed Huawei officially unveiled the system to the Smart Eyewear, describing it as “a fusion between fashion and technology.”

They have designed the glasses in collaboration with Gentle Monster Look need sunglasses traditional, but with a smart focus on the voice assistant.

And enjoy the Smart Eyewear resistant to dust and water IP67, can be used with smart phones via Bluetooth connection, with speaker dual voice dual microphone you can receive calls on the system, as well as listen to audio files, i.e. it will be an alternative to headphones.

The glasses can be charged via a battery holster with a capacity of 2200 mAh which supports wireless charging, and all the ingredients mentioned, with the antenna segments of the processing and battery integrated within the body of the glasses, instead of physical buttons can be controlled by touch or via voice assistant, and there is no for cameras.

Finally, it is a Huawei about the price of the glasses when available next July.

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