Huawei announces the start of pre-ordering on her phone, Y9 Prime 2019 in Saudi Arabia

هواوي تعلن بدء الطلب المسبق على هاتفها Y9 Prime 2019 في السعودية

The company said Huawei it allowed the pre-ordering on the phone their new Y9 Prime 2019 in Saudi Arabia, which is the first phone from the company comes with a pop-up at a price not to exceed 1,000 riyals in the domestic market to represent an opportunity for young people to get on the phone, different design at a low price.

Features phone Y9 Prime 2019 not contain prominent edges and a bump at the top with the help of camera technology pop-up, and the LCD screen $ 6.59 inches with dimensions of 19:5:9 represents 91% of the area of the phone interface.

The phone also comes with a camera in the back with the accurately 16 mega pixels, 8 Mega Pixel, 2 mega pixels, and has a large battery with a capacity of 4,000 Milli-amp / hours let the phone run until 14 hours continuously while it is connected to networks of the fourth generation, and even 65 when the audio playback, or 9 hours when video playback, 52 hours continuously during the conduct of communications by police dogs. It also contains a port Type C to assist in Fast shipping.

It will be the phone available for pre-order at the present time in the Saudi market with a valuable gift until May 22, to users officially in the May 23, priced at 969 Sr in store Huawei and the treaty.

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