Huawei announces series phones Mate 20 four copies distinct and different specifications

هواوي تعلن عن سلسلة هواتفها Mate 20 بأربع نسخ مميزة ومواصفات مختلفة

Huawei announced a range of phones leading Mate 20, where unveiled Your Mate 20 next Mate 20 Pro high specifications.

While different phones in most of their professional advantages, they agree to carry the same processor, the new Huawei Kirin 980 which revealed about two months ago is considered the fastest processor for smartphones in the world, according to the company thanks to the use of the technique of 7-nano-meter for the first time on the market and my unit address the neurological NPU, next to the graphics processor Mali-G76.

Phone Mate 20

The phone needs to First least the specification of the Mate 20 on the screen of a value of 6.53 inches and is of the LCD type produced by the company, next to its sensor traditional fingerprint, the battery capacity of 4,000 Milli-amp / hours. In carrying a camera with a 24 mega-pixel front camera and a three and out with the lens accurately 16 mega pixel wide-angle girl shutter f/2.2 lens 12 mega pixels shutter f/1.8, and the other 8 mega pixel camera type Telephoto girl shutter f/2.4 and clarity 2X.

Phone Mate 20 Pro وMate 20 RS design Porsche.

The phone the highest specification it is Mate 20 Pro which will Mate 20 RS design Porsche the same specs but different external shape, where the come with curved screen aspects $ 6.39-inch OLED accurately 3120×1440 pixels and the sensor of the fingerprint embedded in it, as well as supporting them to decide to open the lock to recognize 3D Face Unlock feature Qemoji to scan things and analyse time thanks to the presence of front camera with 24 mega pixel. And contain also the stereo headset double, and water resistant IPS68.

Enjoy phones camera triple also but it’s more pronounced than a regular phone and you can export microSD up to 2.5 cm thanks to the presence of a wide-angle lens accurately 40 megapixels and shutter of f/1.8, the lens of the second precisely 20 mega pixel girl shutter f/2.2, the lens of the third accurately 8 mega pixel camera type Telephoto aperture shutter f/2.4 is clearly 3X. The camera features with film photography and isolate the colors by using artificial intelligence.

It also brings two battery capacity of 4,200 Milli-amp / hour, and supports rapid charging technology too SuperCharge 40-watt which allows charging 70% of battery in 30 minutes, next to support wireless charging technology rapid strongly 15-watt which lets charge 30% of battery in 30 minutes. Thanks to the existence of those techniques, the two phones will charge other devices wirelessly to the existence of a large battery and Qi wireless charging within them.

Feature phones the new company with the support of Android operating system 9.0 and the user’s EMUI 9.0 from Huawei which offers a user experience that is much better than the previous, so that they contain advantages like calculate calories and share files faster with other devices.

Phone Mate 20 X

Speaking of the elder brother of the phones Mate 20, the company made a Mate 20 X which comes with a 7.2-inch type OLED with eXtra, battery capacity of 5,000 Milli-amp / hour, with the cooling system recently and the last to increase the efficiency of the games. It will also support pen Huawei smartphone M-Pen and improve the speed of the graphics processor GPU 2.0.

It seems that the company is seeking from the phone largest to suitable phones note Samsung’s also working on targeting the fan of games through the advantages offered by including the size of the screen.


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