Huawei and Xiaomi are available to increase the sales of their phones smart in 2019

Huawei P30 Pro

Although the current picture for the global market looks a bit blurry at the moment, and that economic warfare between America and China, but companies Huawei and Xiaomi still expects rising sales of smart phones in the next year to 2019.

Huawei, for example, expects to ship 200 million smartphones around the world, at least in 2019, and that an increase of up to 25% compared with what has been achieved in the current year. Xiaomi is the other that enjoys the presence of very strong in the Indian market is HUGE, have their expectations too high, and are expected to be able to sell 150 million units in 2019.

On the other hand, is not of the expected sales growth both Vivo and Oppo, and that due to the stability of the domestic market in China in addition to the absence of adequate in foreign markets.

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