Huawei and Samsung settlement of their knowledge of the legal, according to a new report

Huawei P20 Pro; Samsung Galaxy S9+

As stated, it appears that the first company and the second best-selling smart phones have reached to resolve the end to know of their continuing legal, at least according to the news agency Asian Nikkei.

Was Samsung and Huawei engaged the two in more than 40 conflict different on 4G technology patents in China and the United States of America, and in many other countries around the world. Is not announced the details of registration, this means that we do not know whether the settlement includes the payment of one of the two companies for other. However, it is now said that companies Huawei and Samsung have started focusing on the agreement on joint licensing of patents essential between them.

Just last summer, Samsung resolve their legal battle ongoing with the Apple TV also. I have seen the smart phone market is a slight depression on the level of shipments since the year 2018 has been affected by Samsung in the Great Recession. On the other hand, has experienced market share buy Huawei an impressive growth where it succeeded in selling phones than ever before in every quarter than authorized do not plan to Apple in the end and continue to clamp down on Samsung in the lead of the race.


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