Huawei and its suppliers move to the American

The storm is coming, and everyone get ready, this is logo giant the Chinese Huawei that may be greater affected by the US ban, so I started to trade, since now, in accordance with the understanding with the suppliers.

The US President Donald Trump has signed a resolution allowing the government to prevent American companies from purchasing any equipment related to the economy and was manufactured outside the United States under the guise of protecting national security.

With that Trump did not mention a specific country or a specific company, but it is clear that what is meant is China’s Huawei, and this be the first stages.

The Huawei of suppliers to maintain production plans and delivery of current after the United States began to apply strict measures to prevent access by Huawei for the U.S. in the field of communications and Information Technology.

She explained the company’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Taiwan which is the main supplier of processors for communications networks, Huawei it will continue to the size of the supply shipments to Huawei according to the scheme, but at the same time, will continue to assess the impact of Washington’s decision on its business.

The company’s processors, TSMC has reported that it has a system of export control is complex, according to the expectations of the declaration of prohibition laws, the company will not change the shipping methods, timing and quantity.

With keeping things the same, except that the two companies will continue to supply if things have changed during the period near.

Targeting the U.S. blocked Huawei from using the technology and products of American companies is important for their products and services.

And Japan’s Toshiba Corp. largest manufacturer of those NAND flash the United States decision to learn how to impact on its business if some of their products contain the techniques of American-made or not.

The company Innolux tea industry that provides phones, iPads and computers of Huawei, it will be directly with the company where the decision will impact the U.S. operations, while keeping shipping schedules without change.

And speaking of screens, as well as Japan and Japan Display have expressed their doubts of the uncertain future impact of the U.S. ban on its business.

Stopped American companies such as Qualcomm and Qorvo its shipments of processors and slides of Huawei, and is expected to conduct more businesses like this.

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