Huawei achieved sales of 10 million units of phones Mate 20

Announced Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei about the arrival of Huawei’s sales of phones Mate 20 to 10 million units within 5 months of the phones are launched officially to the market.

 Huawei Mate 20 phones reach 10 million sales (1)

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Huawei presented phones Mate 20 to the markets in the month of November from the end of last year, and has achieved the highest charging rate series phones before the end of 2018, and Huawei achieve record today also, where he revealed the company’s CEO announced the arrival of the number of units shipped from phones Mate 20 to 10 million units until now.

And to have that achievement made by Huawei previously with a series P20 that reached sales of 10 million units in 5 months too, which is a significant development in Huawei’s sales of smartphones, where you skip this version in the sales of phones Mate 10, which achieved the same percentage of sales during the 10 months, while sales reached Mate 9-to-5 million units during 4 months.

I scooped the phone Mate 20 Pro award GLOMO Annual as the best phones in the phone conference the world held in Barcelona recently during the month of February.

From another side confirmed Yu on the company’s plans to reach these women in sales, with new releases also from smart phones, where the company expects the proportion of good sales for its new Huawei Mate X that comes with the contact networks of the fifth generation, and also the foldable design, so we expect the launch of a series P30 formally the activity of the development of Huawei’s sales in the new versions.


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