Huawei accused of getting reviews fake phone Mate 10 Pro

Enable Huawei to get more than 100 people to contribute in writing positive reviews about the phone Mate 10 Pro within the location of Best Buy.

Don’t stretch your Huawei good reputation when it comes to tactics of Marketing and promotion for yourself, but they seem to have receded to the level of disappointing in relation to her cell Mate 10 Pro, it asked the Chinese company on 31 January through a private group on Facebook with more than 60 thousand members get positive reviews on the website of Best Buy in exchange for the opportunity to test the phone.

This phone is still in the stage of pre-order in the United States, however there are 108 people have written largely positive reviews of the phone within a site, the Best Buy, of which 103 review I wrote after the date of January 31, after the company announced the offer in a Facebook group, which asked during his talk about why you want to own Mate 10 Pro and write it by phone page on the site Beat Buy.

Although there are many comments that illustrate conclusively the non-use of the area previously, but she gave the phone a five star rating, recalling most of the reviews and comments that your Mate 10 Pro phone is this year’s smartphone that doesn’t accept competition and phone the new flagship of the spectacular.

It seems that Huawei is betting on to access the phone on the many positive reviews in early May makes people trust in the region, which may lead to increased sales, but this kind of revisions absolutely incompatible with the policy of the site Best Buy, which falls mostly under the category of “advertising”, because it has been posted for a specific reason and without a true test of the phone.


Source: Huawei accused of getting reviews fake phone Mate 10 Pro

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