HTC will release the second blockchain smartphone in 2019. Exodus 1 exceeded expectations

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC told about plans to launch blockchain-smartphone of the second generation. According to the statement, this should happen before the end of 2019. According to the head of the Department of decentralization Phil Chen, the company plans to increase smartphone sales and at the same time to expand its blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain HTC smartphone

In October last year, the manufacturer introduced its first Android smartphone on the block chain , called Exodus 1. As it was reported, the target audience of the gadget are 30 million users of cryptocurrency wallets.

Sales blockchain smartphone first generation of Exodus 1 fell short of company expectations. In addition to users of Bitcoin and Ethereum, in Exodus 1 there has been an impressive demand from new start-UPS that focused more on cryptocurrency trading.

The company made a bet on the blockchain to revive its moribund mobile business. Currently he is less than a percent of the market, while this figure reached 10 percent. It seems the company’s efforts in kryptonese quite paid off. After all, according to financial indicators in 2018, annual revenue HTC fell to 61,78% compared to the previous year.

To HTC Sirin Labs amid the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has also introduced a blockchain-Finney phone with built-in wallet. Perhaps their activity in kryptonese and inspired other manufacturers gadgets.

Earlier this year, the largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung also introduced the flagship phone Galaxy S10 with a built-in crypto, which supports the Ethereum and several ERC20-tokens.

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