HTC VIVE and”McLaren” request to a special version of the helmet VIVE PRO to experience exceptional for lovers of speed and racing

This topic HTC VIVE and”McLaren” request to a special version of the helmet VIVE PRO to experience exceptional for lovers of speed and racing back to Engadget.

HTC announced VIVE™ ,”McLaren racing” today announced the launch of a special version of the helmet HTC VIVE marked with “McLaren” to be the first Middle joint request by the parties since the partnership that we announced in May of this year, and for lovers of car racing incomparable experience in the world of virtual reality. And the new helmet between hi-res enjoyed by the Vive Pro, system acoustics, high-purity and efficiency of the work and thereby provide an exceptional experience virtual reality for its audience in various parts of the world.

Fernando Alonso in VR Sim

In addition to the appearance of its exceptional and outstanding performance, comes the new helmet with virtual reality content unique garage McLaren, which was launched on Vive Studioبالتعاون with “McLaren”, in addition to a customized version of the game RFactor 2’ version of “McLaren” which was designed to work without any additional extensions to the rule. It is considered virtual reality content unique garage McLaren simulator game interesting multi-player allows them to join the team garage McLaren and learn how to complete the modifications on the car tires a real team during the races. The virtual reality experience this “challenge maintenance stop” Pitstop Challenge, a competitive game multiplayer allows users to explore the latest modifications in the garage of McLaren and the ability to move within the room, and learn how to change car tires, and other players to exchange the tires in a timely manner. Thanks to this partnership, HTC Vive and”McLaren” customers the best experience virtual reality car racing McLaren and the possibility of living this experience in the comfort of their home via virtual reality.

The launch of the new helmet in the Gulf region as a clear indication of the growing popularity enjoyed by the sport of auto racing super speed in the region, embraces a number of clubs Racing Adult Championships regional competition. Add to that the growing number of wishing to acquisition the car super speed, especially to the Middle East registered one of the highest rates of public spending on luxury cars per capita, which requires the lovers of speed with a passion and enthusiasm to the acquisition of the context of their Sports and sit behind the wheel.

McLaren Zone

On this occasion, he said Ramita dresses, vice president of HTC Vive in the Middle East and Africa: “meet Racing Formula 1 more than 500 million fans in the world, we are pleased to conclude this partnership with the ’McLaren‘ to provide a unique experience for lovers of speed using the techniques of virtual reality. Through this collaboration, coupled with a virtual reality helmet the best of its kind with the history of their success in fast car racing to formulate a more virtual reality experiences memorable for all people interested in various parts of the world, which gives customers a valuable opportunity to graduate from the chair of the scenes and experiences of the real race behind the wheel of a ’McLaren‘ or within the team, her garage, and it is from their living rooms and simply”.

In turn, pointed out Zach Brown CEO “McLaren racing”: “it was great to harness the techniques of HTC and cooperation with her team to develop this version of the dazzling of a virtual reality helmet and experience immersive that gives speed lovers a special feeling like they’re on the racetrack with a McLaren racing car. We appreciate the role of the helmet Vive Proالمبتكرة in providing an exceptional experience for lovers of speed and virtual reality.”

It was Lando Norris one of the drivers of “McLaren racing”: “virtual reality is a great technique to flood the followers and lovers of sports and motors the participation of real racing in the experience did not cause them tested. There is no doubt that the experience that trying to reality which provided her helmet VIVE Pro McLaren will be on each of being, whether they’re a gaming enthusiast or professional racers”.

In addition to the launch of the new helmet, introduced the HTC VIVE™ a special offer enter under each of the Buy starting from today until January 2019 pull win Card Papaya Pass from McLaren, and includes the unique experience of entering the VIP to Formula 1 international guest of honor, and a private tour of the garage and meet personal with the drivers of the McLaren and many others.

Will your version of the helmet HTC VIVE marked with “McLaren” also have a subscription for six months in VIVEPORT, where users can exclusively download experience virtual reality content unique garage McLaren, and race RFactor 2’ version of “McLaren”, to users to experience immersive with team McLaren racing cars. In addition, going to be the helmet as a virtual reality device official to watch McLaren Shadow Project. Will the finals of the competition in the center of the “McLaren” of technology in the period from 14 to 17 January 2019, and will provide all finalists with training and development using reality helmet الافتراضيVive Pro .

Is available helmet your version VIVE Pro marked with “McLaren” starting today in specific branches of stores “Virgin” and”Axiom” in all parts of the United Arab Emirates or shop HTC Vive email ( at a price of $ 6, the AED 599.

HTC and McLaren Executives with Fernando Alonso

About the HTC VIVE:

Think VIVE is the first platform of its kind in the world of virtual reality, which is designed and optimized specifically to provide the experience of virtual reality include the scope of the room whole and the interactions of real incomparable. Based on the platformSteamVR, free VIVE deliver on its promises to raise the customer techniques the first and best the content of the virtual reality, leading innovation platform VIVE the strongest of its kind in the field of virtual reality at the level of the equipment used or the software assigned to it to operate, to provide that the experience of virtual reality Super-development for clients from individuals, developers and businesses alike. The the VIVE of the best helmet virtual reality in the sector, supported by a programme of accelerator virtual reality estimated cost of approximately $ 100 million VIVE X, andViveport global platform and applications, which provides the first Model, membership of its kind in the world of virtual reality and in more than 60 countries in the world, andVIVE Studios, direct the development of virtual reality content and publish it. For more information please visit the website

This topic HTC VIVE and”McLaren” request to a special version of the helmet VIVE PRO to experience exceptional for lovers of speed and racing back to Engadget.

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