HTC unveils phone U11 Eyes front camera Double capacity battery and large

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Revealed HTC phone the new U11 Eyes, who owns Cameras, front dual 5-megapixel, which says about the company it is designed for taking selfies professionally, and featuring Cameras front HDR, which put the bouquet which adjusts the depth of field in images in real-time or after capturing the image, as characterized by the status of Beauty mode, which says about the company that it will take incredible selfies.

HTC U11 Eyes

The phone supports Snapdragon processor 652, and a 6-inch, rear camera of 12 MP, and unlock the phone through face recognition, and dialogue is pressure sensitive which allows running specific applications, or to enlarge maps, or perform other functions by pressing on the sides of the phone. As the phone is waterproof and dustproof and you can huge battery with a capacity of 3930 mAh, the new phone is considered middle class, but features the same design, the shiny and liquid like phones U11 previous.

And my HTC camera phone U11 Eyes can distinguish between the face of the real human face of the man on the photo or in a video clip, can be for facial recognition to unlock the phone also even if you are wearing sunglasses or a breathing mask, which is useful for the Chinese market, where many users wearing masks to avoid air pollution when you go out.

The Edge Sense feature HTC

There are a few potential flaws with the phone, the first being the lack of a headphone jack 3.5 mm sensor fingerprint located in the back of the phone. There will come a telephone U11 Eyes in red, silver and black, will start selling in Hong Kong on Wednesday. The mobile version of the same storage capacity of 64 GB will be around $ 500. It is scheduled to be sold in China later this month, and at this stage there is no index on the launch the phone globally.


This topic HTC unveils phone U11 Eyes Front Camera Dual capacity big battery appeared on Engadget.

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