HTC reveal the time frame which will be released the update Android 9 Pie the identity of their leading three

HTC U12+

The company HTC has finally detects some additional information about the arrival of the updated Android 9 Pie the identity of its leading smart current. The Taiwanese company had announced in March that the HTC phones U11 +HTC U11 +HTC U12 you will get all update Android 9 Pie starting from the second quarter of this year, which starts from April and ends in June.

Now, since we’re in the middle of the second quarter of this year, we assume that there are a lot of people who wonder whether the company HTC has forgot its promise. Well, it turns out that the answer is no.

In fact, I’ve uncovered a company HTC recently in the calculation of its official Twitter account that the HTC phone U11 will be the first who gets update Android 9 Pie, and it will be before the end of this month. After that, the company will HTC to issue the same update for the phone +the HTC U12 in mid-June, while will get the phone +the HTC U11 on the update in late June. Still these dates are accurate to some extent, but still the dates are relatively good.

The interesting thing in all this is that the company HTC is very late in relation to upgrade its smart phones to Android 9 Pie, compared with other manufacturers for Android phones, except LG. But hey, at least update the Android 9 Pie will be released to these three phones. If you have an HTC phone to another, you’ll have to use the current operating system in your phone for a while or forever in case if the company decided to HTC not update.


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