HTC plans to issue a new phone of the category of the expected features 6GB of RAM, and processor Snapdragon 710

HTC U11+

Told US company HTC in the month of December of last year they will focus on smart phones are the leading medium this year, has appeared today a new device from the Taiwanese company in the platform performance tests Geekbench which assures us that it was true.

This smartphone carries the code name 2Q7A100, features processor Snapdragon 710 Qualcomm. It’s a good processor, but the Snapdragon 730 has officially become in recent years. Given that it was not leaked HTC phone that even now, we assume that it is not yet the launch of this phone, so it would be nice if the company HTC launched this phone to end up with a processor Snapdragon 730.

Regardless of the processor Snapdragon 710, this phone also includes 6GB of RAM, and pre-Android 9 Pie the latest from Google. Unfortunately, this is most of the information included in the Geekbench database, but we look forward to learn more about HTC phone next. Although it is a phone middle class, but the wizard makes it offers better performance than the expected phone the best in the lineup of HTC currently, and of course, the phone HTC U12 Life.


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