HTC officially announced the smartphone U12 Plus

After a wave of rumors and leaks from inside the company, HTC has officially announced about its smartphone flagship U12 Plus without an incision in the upper part, while the top and bottom edges with a small number of high specification.

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The specification of the phone U12 Plus HTC:

  • Screen size 6 inch LCD accurately 2880 x 1440, with a potential upside of 9:18.
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.
  • RAM 6 Gb.
  • Storage memory internal 64/128 GB with support for external memory.
  • Rear camera Double accurately 16/12 MP.
  • Dual front camera accurately 8/2 MP.
  • Resistant to water and dust to standard IP68.
  • Battery capacity of 3500 mAh that supports fast charging.
  • Support for reader insight.

Police would not disclose the price and launch date in the market.

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