HTC may merge the Department of virtual reality section of the smartphone to the Department of one common


Confirmed to us by HTC yesterday that the head of the Department of smartphones in the company, Mr. Chialin Chang decided to leave the company, and apparently did so in order to establish his own company specialized in the technology of artificial intelligence. And even now didn’t reveal to us the company HTC for the person who will be the succession of Mr. Chialin Chang as CEO of the Department of smart phones and connected devices, but in the case if the report that we got today are true, it seems that HTC won’t be need that. The new report notes that the company HTC is going in fact to merge the Department of smart phones with the Department of virtual reality.

The future of the Department, the smartphone company HTC, or what’s left of it anyway, is still unclear. It wasn’t the performance of the company well in the market at all, and the last option sell the team responsible for the design and development of smart phones, Google hints that the flagship phone coming to buy HTC may be the company’s latest Taiwanese.

While it remains to be seen whether this will happen, this is the new report issued by the China says that HTC will be integrating the virtual reality with the Department of smart phones. The report explained further that the five managers of the two years, most of them with various tasks in the Department of virtual reality will constitute the leadership positions in the section of the joint in the future.

The transfer of executives who were in the first place they say the company’s efforts in the virtual reality to the sites of the greater force suggests that HTC may turn from a company that specializes primarily in the manufacture of smartphones to a company specializing in virtual reality. In the case if this has already happened, we believe that it will not surprise anyone.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this is true or not. So far, the company has not announced HTC on this issue so far, and we promise to update the site as soon as we get more details about this topic.


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