HTC launches helmet Vive Pro special in collaboration with McLaren to provide a different experience for car lovers

HTC تطلق خوذة Vive Pro خاصة بالتعاون مع مكلارين لتقديم تجربة مختلفة لعشاق السيارات

Announced HTC launch a special version of the helmet Vive Pro in collaboration with the car company McLaren to provide a different default for the fans of speed racing cars, these glasses as the first joint forum between the parties after the partnership that was signed last May.

And my helmet on the garage McLaren specially designed for this experiment to match the fact, it has been launched on the store Vive Studio, well come game RFactor 2 custom design from McLaren to evaluate the experience of the real nature of police work during the races, especially the presence of challenge Pitstop Challenge for the maintenance of the cars during the races.

Great dresses, vice president of HTC Vive in the Middle East and Africa, commented on the launch: “meet Racing Formula 1 more than 500 million fans in the world, we are pleased to conclude this partnership with the ’McLaren‘ to provide a unique experience for lovers of speed using the techniques of virtual reality. Through this collaboration, coupled with a virtual reality helmet the best of its kind with the history of their success in fast car racing to formulate a more virtual reality experiences memorable for all people interested in various parts of the world, which gives customers a valuable opportunity to graduate from the chair of the scenes and experiences of the real race behind the wheel of a ’McLaren‘ or within the team, her garage, and it is from their living rooms and simply”.

On the other side spoke Zac Brown CEO “McLaren Racing, said: “it was great to harness the techniques of HTC and cooperation with her team to develop this version of the dazzling of a virtual reality helmet and experience immersive that gives speed lovers a special feeling like they’re on the racetrack with a McLaren racing car. We appreciate the role of the helmet Vive Pro innovative in providing an exceptional experience for lovers of speed and virtual reality.”

After the launch of the new helmet launched HTC a special opportunity to those who buy it from today until January 2019 to enter the draw to win Card Papaya Pass from McLaren, and includes unique experience and access to the VIP area for VIPs to race Formula 1 international guest of honor, and a private tour of the garage and meet personal with the drivers of the McLaren and many others.

Recall that the system of the Vive Pro is currently available for purchase in the United Arab Emirates through store Vive official galleries Virgin Acxiom compared to 6,599 AED.

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