HTC issued an official statement about the problem of delayed shipments +HTC U12

HTC U12+ 9987

May be the company HTC already started Shipping the phone +the HTC U12 customers who ordered this phone in advance, but things are not Sarah both ordered this phone already. While those who have requested this phone in advance directly from the official website to buy HTC have already started receiving their orders, those who ordered this phone from Amazon store were told just that the operation was postponed shipment of their orders, and the shipping process will not start until the month of August next.

Now, the company HTC issued an official statement on this subject, indicating that it does not need to worry because all of this was due to an error in the system. Here is the official statement issued by the Taiwanese company : ” we are aware that a small number of requests +HTC U12 affected due to a system error made it seem like the Cancel requests. This is not the case, we are going to contact these customers to inform them that their application will be on its way to them in the near future. We work directly with these customers to ensure that they receive the phones +HTC U12 at their own speed and it “.

As you have noticed from the official statement, if you feel disappointed or misled because of the delayed Shipping, the company HTC wants you to know that there is no reason for you to be you, because your unit should arrive to your doorstep soon.



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