HTC intends to launch the second generation of HTC phone Exodus

The official said the company “HTC” HTC on Sunday that the company intends to launch a second generation of its smartphone support to provide “a series of books” the Blockchain – the “Exodus” Exodus – during the second half of the current year.

The announcement came on the tongue of the heart of the decentralization processes have the Taiwanese company (Phil Chen) during his speech on the theme “decentralization” during a conference in the capital Taipei was last Friday.

Chen said: the development of the technique of “book series” is still in an early stage. He predicted that the progress of the technical potential for tremendous business. Quotes “Central News Agency” Taiwan him saying: can be likened to “book series” to the extent commercial petroleum at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Added Chen: that the technique “book series” lies in access to data while ensuring the privacy of users, which confirms the value of technical relatively untapped.

The company HTC has announced the phone Exodus in the last year, then announced in the month of October for the start of the stage of the pre-order on the phone in the crypto-currency and amounted to the equivalent of 960 $ at the time.

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The difficulty of purchase in the crypto-currency for most of the users, the company decided to Taiwan in the month of last March to allow the phone to work is a traditional and at a price of 699 USD.

The draft of the HTC Exodus attempt by HTC to create a smartphone designed for web decentralization, the company hopes by adopting the technique of “book series” to be with her phone dealers digital currency encrypted, it provides data protection and financial transactions.

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