HTC implementation of the plans of its withdrawal from the market of smart phones

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Denied HTC HTC plans its withdrawal from the smartphone market after it released the latest phones HTC U12+, and to refute the recent speculations regarding this matter, and confirmed the Taiwanese company as will continue to strengthen its activity in the field of smart phones with the launch of new models at the end of 2018 and early 2019, said it would not abandon its own smartphones because they think that the phone has become indispensable to human life and virtual reality technology is relevant will play a major role in the development of mobile devices in the future.

And shows HTC admit defeat in spite of obstacles faced her which she obviously is unable to overcome, and it might be the Taiwanese company is among the few companies manufacturing smart phones that suffer from many problems economically and politically, but in spite of continuing losses in the smartphone market, and scandals that rocked the hierarchy, they say that she still believes in smartphones, will continue to manufacture and launch such a product.

Contrasts this attitude to some extent with the position of the company smart phone industry Sony, which is experiencing a significant decline in its business in the field of smart phones, where you see the Japanese company smart phones simply as a gateway to mobile internet services and products, including the so-called Internet of things, which may make them able to turn this situation due to possessing a lot of products winner within its diversified portfolio that can be relied upon.

And HTC virtual reality VR, which is more business successful currently, as a technology partner, not a substitute for smartphones, in addition to continuing to improve the virtual reality platform and enrich the content of Reality, immersive virtual reality VR/AR, he said the Taiwanese company’s efforts will be made to integrate the relevant techniques, including artificial intelligence and the block Qi and networks of the fifth generation to ask new production lines are in line with the era of 5G.

Recently launched its smartphone HTC Exodus, which depends on the technology block Qi BlockChain, which requires to change its strategy to focus on new technology, the company said the phone industry the Taiwanese it developed its portfolio of private digital currency encrypted, which launches the name “Zion” Zion make the function of the new phone as a wallet that the work of the digital encrypted.

The speculation revolves around the possibility to give company to HTC or sell their business within the mobile sector, with a focus on the platform of the Vive VR only its own, having sold a large part of her team for the manufacture of mobile devices responsible for industry phones, Pixel for Pixel, to Google Inc. in a deal worth $ 1.1 million USD.

Saw the Taiwanese company, which was not long ago one among the famous brands for common smart phones, and acquired in the previous for about ten smart phone market in the world, a sharp decline in its share in the market due to the intensified competition by major companies such as South Korea’s Samsung and apple of America, in addition to Chinese companies rising, including Huawei share up and other.

And HTC is one of the first makers of Android smart phones, where they manufactured and developed the first smart phone running the Android known as the T-Mobile G1, in addition to telephone Nexis Wen Nexus One Android 2.1, which is the first company phones Google series Nexus.

Revealed the company unveiled its plans to launch a new version of the phone HTC U12 life with a capacity of 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage space in the end of the month of December, and will launch more products for consumers and institutions at the end of 2018 or early 2019, however, they do not indicate what will happen after that.

The gate Arab News Technical HTC implementation of the plans of its withdrawal from the market of smart phones

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